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Elizabeth Woodville & Edward IV | The Heart Of The War Of The Roses With Gemma Hollman

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Past Loves, I am joined by the wonderful medieval historian Gemma Hollman to discuss a royal love story with ramifications through the ages – Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV. Set in a warring kingdom, their love story blossoms when the new young king falls in love with the daughter of a knight. The couple secretly marry and so begins their tumultuous reign. Romance, politics and court etiquette combine to create this remarkable story…

Rudolf Nureyev & Erik Bruhn | A Christmas Trip To The Ballet With Irina Klyagin

With Covid and the closure of so many theatres this year, it only seemed right to take the Christmas special to the stage. So, with this, I am joined by the Russian ballet scholar who looks after Harvard University’s extensive theatre collection at the Houghton Library, Irina Klyagin, to discuss the love story of Rudolf Nureyev and Erik Bruhn. Both titans in the ballet world, their art was at the centre of their passionate relationship and thus, as a couple, they went on to define an era in dance.

The 5th Duke & Duchess of Rutland | The Heart of Belvoir Castle With The 11th Duchess

It’s the Season 2 finale and it is safe to say we are going out in style. This week I am joined by the 11th Duchess of Rutland, Emma Manners, to discuss the love story at the heart of the magical Belvoir Castle. The fairy-tale castle that looks out over the Vale of Belvoir today was designed and built by quite the Regency power couple – the 5th Duke and Duchess of Rutland, John Henry and Elizabeth. The romance of its design is a testament to their love for one another, with which they left an indelible mark on the British landscape.

Nicholas II & Alexandra | The Story of the Last Tsar and Tsarina With Virginia Rounding

Journey to the heart of the Russian court as I delve into one of my favourite love stories with author, editor and proofreader Virginia Rounding. Nicholas became tsar when his father died unexpectedly, taking on the role of the autocratic leader of a vast nation in a trying time. With Alexandra (or Alix as she was known) by his side, they shaped the future of Russia as the last Tsar and Tsarina. After years of war, revolution and Rasputin, their story famously came to a bitter end in 1918. But, throughout it all, Alix and Nicky’s love story is one of true devotion…

Anne Lister & Ann Walker | The Life & Loves of Gentleman Jack With Angela Steidele

With a podcast about affection, infatuation and attachment across time, it would have been completely remiss of me not to feature the one and only Anne Lister. Anne left a document of her life like no other, in part explaining the passionate relationships that she enjoyed with other women. Her love life culminated in a marriage to Ann Walker and the legacy of their relationship holds particular significance for us all today. In this special bumper episode, author Angela Steidele and I explore their life together including their most extraordinary travels…

Lady Katherine Grey & Edward Seymour | A Tudor Love Story From The Tower With Melita Thomas

It’s the first Tudor episode of Past Loves and I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most romantic yet heart-breaking love stories there is. This week I am joined by author and co-founder/editor of Tudor Times Melita Thomas to discuss the relationship between Lady Katherine Grey and Edward Seymour. After the death of her sister, Lady Jane Grey, Katherine was the next Grey sister in line to the throne. So, when her secret marriage and pregnancy were revealed to the court, it called down Queen Elizabeth’s wrath. For sweethearts Katherine and Edward, their love had disastrous consequences…

John & Joséphine Bowes | The Couple Behind The Bowes Museum with Judith Phillips

Discover the love story behind the North’s museum of art, fashion and design – The Bowes Museum – with honorary archivist Judith Phillips. This is the story of John and Joséphine Bowes. As a couple, they specifically built this stately home of a museum in the 19th Century to house the vast and significant collections of fine and decorative arts that they curated for public view. They shared a vision, which has left an undeniable lasting legacy, and it is safe to say that The Bowes Museum sits on a foundation of mutual respect, admiration and affection.

Elinor Powell & Frederick Albert | A German POW, A Black Nurse, Enemies in Love with Alexis Clark

Set against a backdrop of the Second World War, a period of history so often discussed, this week I discuss a completely unique love story with author and freelance journalist, Alexis Clark. We travel into the depths of the Arizona desert to discover the love story between Elinor Powell, an African american nurse, and Frederick Albert, a German POW. They are in a very literal sense enemies in love. Their story is one of true love set against an under-reported part of World War II and a shocking, hidden history of race on the home front. They face it, however, by each others side.

Lady Augusta Murray & Prince Augustus | A Forbidden Wife With Julia Abel Smith

A love story lost to history, journey to the heart of Italy to fall in love with Lady Augusta Murray and Prince Augustus, the son of George III. I am joined by author Julia Abel Smith who was captivated by their story whilst researching the history of one of the Landmark Trust’s follies. She was Augusta. He was Augustus. They shared a birthday. It seemed like destiny. With this Julia weaves together their correspondence to reveal the story behind their secret marriage and then, the following scandal…

Nur Jahan & Jahangir | The Astonishing Reign Of Co-Sovereigns With Ruby Lal

A love story peppered with legends of their affection for one another, acclaimed historian of India and a professor of South Asian History at Emory University, Ruby Lal reveals the astonishing reign of Nur Jahan and Jahangir who ruled the Mughal Empire side by side in the early 17th Century. With this, at a time when other wives were secluded behind walls, Nur Jahan boldly redefined the role of the royal wife. 

Season Two Trailer

Season 2 is just around the corner! Here’s what to expect:

Maria & Patrick Brontë | The Love Story Behind The Legendary Literary Family with Sharon Wright

For the season finale, take a trip to the famous Parsonage in Haworth to discover the love story behind the legendary literary family between Maria and Patrick Brontë. Journalist and author Sharon Wright aptly weaves together this immense love story from the far reaches of Penzance to the stormy Yorkshire countryside. With their lasting legacy then evident in the talent of their children, this is the tale of Maria and Patrick Brontë.

Find the full transcript HERE

Mildred & Richard Loving | Loving v. Virginia – The Love Story That Went To The US Supreme Court With Peter Wallenstein

This week I am joined by Professor of History at Virginia Tech Peter Wallenstein to discuss the relationship between Mildred and Richard Loving – a normal couple from the depths of Virginia who quite literally redefined the constitution of the United States of America with the landmark case Loving v. Virginia.

Find the full transcript HERE

Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas | The Love Story At The Heart Of 20th-Century Art With Kelly Cricchio

Journey to the heart of 20th-century Paris and join Kelly Cricchio (aka The Art Herstorian) and me at the salon of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas to discover their charming relationship. The legacy of their relationship is undeniable as this pair cultivated the future of art and literature in their home with their patronage – it is the sweetest love story, steeped in significance.

Find the transcript of the episode HERE

Charles Stewart Parnell & Katie O’Shea | The True Love Story Behind The Homewrecker of History With Elisabeth Kehoe

Discover the story of deep affection between MP Charles Stewart Parnell and Katie O’Shea, with a love-triangle and divorce case that played out within the public and political sphere. With time, Katie would be remembered as Kitty O’Shea, vilified by many as the most hated woman in Ireland. But this was little to bear for her one true love.

Find the transcript of the episode HERE

Oscar Wilde & Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas | Love On Trial With Matthew Sturgis

Join historian, biographer and Oscar Wilde aficionado Matthew Sturgis to discuss the relationship between poet and playwright Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas. As infamous star-crossed lovers, their love story defied convention in the Victorian era and thus, is a testament to the power of love. 

Find the transcript of the episode HERE

The Howards of Castle Howard | A Place Like No Other With Nick Howard & Chris Ridgway

Follow in the footsteps of the Howard family of Castle Howard and discover the love stories woven into the branches of their family tree, across three centuries, with descendant Nick Howard and Castle Howard’s curator Chris Ridgway. It is a insight into their family history like no other.

Find the transcript of the episode HERE

Andrei & Natalia Chikhachev | An Ordinary Marriage In Provincial Russia With Kate Antonova

Journey deep into the heart of provincial Russia with historian Kate Antonova as she reveals the relationship between Andrei and Natalia Chikhachev through the diaries that they both kept during their marriage. With this, they offer a tale of love and marriage that defies our expectations and symbolises enduring love.

Find the transcript for the episode HERE

Kate & Carlo Perugini | Dickens’s Artistic Daughter, Katey and Her True Love With Lucinda Hawksley

Author, art historian, public speaker and broadcaster Lucinda Hawksley discusses the relationship between her great great great aunt Katey Dickens (daughter of Charles Dickens) and her second husband Carlo Perugini. This is a love story of equality, steeped in the artistic world of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Find the transcript for the episode HERE

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert | Marriage, Monarchy and Magnificent Obsession with Helen Rappaport

Delve into one of the most iconic relationships of all time between Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Albert, with international best-selling author and historian Helen Rappaport for a closer look at this love match.

Find the transcript for the episode HERE

HRH Princess Mary & The 6th Earl of Harewood | The Downton Abbey Real Story with Harewood House’s Rebecca Burton

Discover the real story behind the Downton Abbey film as Assitant Curator and Archivist at Harewood House, Rebecca Burton takes us into the archives to tell the love story between HRH Princess Mary and the 6th Earl of Harewood, Henry Lascelles.

Find the transcript for the episode HERE

Season One Teaser

Discover a short introduction to the first season of the Past Loves podcast – the latest history podcast delving into the past to discover love stories from across time and embracing the lighter side of history.

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